savings pig

$27+ billion in network cost and claims cost savings generated

payment to providers

$50+ billion in payments to 700,000+ providers


1.5+ million network providers served

700+ Payer clients

700+ payer clients

99% Client Retention

99% client retention rate

Payment Communications

500+ million payment data communications annually

At Zelis, we listen to what payers and providers want and bring technology, people, expertise, and entrepreneurial energy together to create smart solutions and a better way for the industry.

We do this by using our leading claims cost and payments optimization platforms with superior technology and solutions to price, pay, and explain healthcare claims, all at enterprise scale on a claim-by-claim basis.

And it’s working even better than we imagined. We’ve helped more than 700 payers save more than $27 billion in healthcare spending, delivered more than $50 billion in payments to more than 700,000 providers and provided more than 500 million payment data communications annually.

By connecting the dots, we’ve built the industry’s only comprehensive platform that powers our fully integrated healthcare claims cost management, payment optimization and communications solutions. Where payers get the right information to create the networks their members need, where claims get paid appropriately, where payments are delivered faster, more accurately, and more efficiently and where communications help make healthcare easier to understand.

More than 85% of the time, we identify additional network cost, claims cost, payments and communications cost savings other companies are unable to find. That’s because we’re more than 1,000 people working as one with payers and providers to deliver industry-leading levels of service and performance. Every network. Every claim. Every payment. Every communication. Every day.