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The implementation process with Zelis was painless. They formed a team of people who assisted us with making sure that all of the details were handled, and that all of our business was moved and online within 90 days from implementation.

Joanne Vice President, TPA

From the very beginning, when you start the partnership with Zelis and work with them on implementation, the Zelis team tells you exactly what’s going to happen. They form that partnership by understanding your business and seeing what your needs are. They also looked at our systems and told us exactly what to expect. From Day 1, working with the implementation team, they earned our trust.

Scott Manager, TPA


I think their technology is very important. If it was simple to do, we could do it ourselves and we wouldn’t need them. Our claim system is really designed to pay claims, not to do all of the analysis that they do … so the technology at Zelis is a very important part of the process and flow.


Integration of Services

As we’ve worked with Zelis, we’ve found all of their capabilities and solutions to be very easy to plug in and integrate with our capabilities and offerings. That flexibility is very valuable to us.

Joel Executive Director, National Health Plan


They have excelled at finding large dollar overpayments that have enabled us to exceed our goals.

Angela Manager, National Health Plan

Traditionally, handling payments manually required significant effort. Zelis’ automated service has reduced this by 4:1 for our hospital business and 6:1 for our physician business.

Su Director of Processing, Not-for-Profit Health System


Working with Zelis has helped us take an end- to-end approach to that problem starting with pre-payment, looking at the best way to pay those claims initially to get the best pricing available. Through the end- to-end continuum that Zelis offers we have an opportunity to work with them from pre-payment right through the payment.

Todd Manager, Regional Health Plan


Zelis has a wonderful staff with whom we have enjoyed working with over the last seven years – the passion that they bring to their products and capabilities. They are responsive to our unique needs as a customer, and bring innovation and creativity. They are constantly reaching out to us, and sharing new and exciting ideas and innovations that they are working on or have available in the marketplace.

Joel Executive Director, National Health Plan

Zelis truly puts their money where their mouth is. They understand the value of being a partner in this industry, that has so many complicated moving parts, and everything is driven by relationships at the end of the day. And they recognized the position that we have in the industry, and they understand it, and they have been a great strategic partner for us.


Expertise & Innovation

As a regional health plan, we face challenges with serving our local communities and having an understanding of what is happening on a national level. Working with Zelis helps us tackle that problem. They have knowledge beyond our region, and they help bring that information to us so that we can make smarter strategic decisions.

Todd Manager, Regional Health Plan