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Zelis Legislative Watch: Hawaiian Bill Becomes Latest Network Access and Adequacy Law

The governor of Hawaii had until last week to say what bills passed by the state legislature he intended to veto. Hawaii Senate Bill 387 was not on the governor’s veto list; as such, Hawaii has become one of a growing number of states with expansive provider network access and adequacy laws, which all include provisions regarding accurate provider directories.

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Cybersecurity and Power Outage Concerns for Hospitals

In order to comply with HIPAA, medical facilities must have a contingency plan for their electronic health record systems. That is, they must have a disaster recovery strategy among other blueprints for ensuring protected health information isn’t compromised.

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Changing Healthcare Through Mobile Technology

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving and is at the cutting edge of innovative technological advances, specifically in the mobile and digital space. These advances in technology are producing new efficiencies and leading to a course of overall improved healthcare, which is beginning to alter the typical physician/patient relationship and transforming how care is given and received.

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3 More Ways Gamification in Healthcare is Making a Difference

One of the trends sweeping the healthcare industry is gamification, using game-thinking and game-mechanics to change behavior. In healthcare, it’s primarily useful for behavioral changes–incentivizing people to increase their wellness by performing game like tasks and receiving rewards.

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The Future of Healthcare

The healthcare landscape is already transforming and changing. What trends and innovations do we have to look forward to?

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