Provider Network Directory Data Management & Delivery

Deliver the right data.

Give healthcare consumers the accurate provider network information they need with Zelis Provider Nexus® Directory Data Solution

Empower healthcare consumers to quickly and easily make healthcare decisions based on reliable provider network data. With years of data management experience, we deliver an accurate data foundation for a successful provider search experience.

Go beyond simple search with customized solutions based on healthcare consumer profiles, preferred doctors and more

Meet healthcare consumers’ unique provider needs and preferences with advanced functionality, such as provider shopping lists, customized specialty group search and highly personalized plan recommendations. Provider Nexus® Directory Data Solution brings a whole new level of intelligence to the basic provider search.

Healthcare consumers are asking for more help navigating through the enrollment process. Give them the tools needed to make the best decisions for their own unique healthcare journey with data delivered through the scalable, high-availability Provider Nexus API based on industry standard REST framework.