Leadership Profile:

Meet Zelis Payments’ New President Ian Drysdale

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Ian DrysdaleLeadership Profile: Meet Zelis Payments’ New President Ian Drysdale

Ian Drysdale, a strategic, growth-oriented payments industry leader with deep payments expertise across multiple sectors, including healthcare, joined Zelis in April to lead Zelis Payments. zFactor checked in on Ian’s first few months at Zelis and how he and his team are expanding client value.

Q1. How does your experience make you a good fit for Zelis Payments?
A1. Zelis was looking for an entrepreneurial, high-growth approach to refine its strategy and grow the provider base. With nearly 30 years of payments growth experience, including tenure at US Bank / Elavon working with providers that processed a large portion of the nation’s healthcare credit card payments, I was well-suited for the opportunity to help grow Zelis Payments.

Q2. Since coming on board, what initiatives have you implemented at Zelis Payments and why?
A2. We have carefully surveyed our clients and associates to determine what they need the most.

We have added staff and new initiatives to grow our provider sales network more quickly; interface directly with larger providers; and will be working to drive faster payments wherever possible.

Q3. Customer Service and innovation are key differentiators for Zelis Payment, how are you sustaining and continuing to improve these critical success factors?
A3. We are proud of our Stevie Awards and of our service to our clients’ providers. Our newest innovation, aggregated card, combines many virtual cards for providers, resulting in less keying, was a provider-requested feature and is emblematic of how we want to activate great client and provider ideas.

Q4. What has been your most rewarding experience and what are you most excited about at Zelis Payments?
A4. I loved attending our Forum and having the opportunity to meet with so many clients. They have terrific ideas and offer new and different perspective for our consideration.

I am most excited about the ability to greatly increase the size of our network. The “techie” within me is also excited about our ability to use modern technologies to speed payments further, benefiting everyone connected to Zelis.

Q5. What challenges do you foresee for the industry and what role do you see Zelis Payments playing in creating solutions?
A5. I believe that the industry will change, with value-based payments and narrow networks being two areas in which we will play. From a payments perspective, Zelis will expand the types of payments we process, how fast we can pay and safeguard the security of our processing platform. We want to become a larger part of our payers’ and providers’ businesses and have the easiest to use, most successful platform in the industry.

Q6. How does Zelis Payments help reduce the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S.?
A6. Zelis creates efficiencies in payers’ and providers’ back offices, reducing paper and manual processing in both cases. By interfacing with adjudicators and clearinghouses, our data can directly enter payers’ or providers’ systems, eliminating manual entry. We want to be synonymous with speed and security.

Q7. Why should prospects choose to work with Zelis Payments?
A7. On the payer side, we offer great interfaces, streamlined data and a substantial revenue share, and we’ll continue to evolve these capabilities. On the provider side, we drive speed vs. paper checks, with far better data capabilities than a bank lockbox. In both cases, we enhance a business’ efficiency!

Q8. On a personal note, tell us how you and your family have transitioned to your new city and life in Florida?
A8. We are thrilled with our new home in the St. Petersburg area. Our boys are getting ready for school, and we have been out on the water several times with our first boat, Sundaze. The team and our clients have been very welcoming. I look forward to getting into the office and working to have fun and create progress for our clients, every day.