Network Analytics and Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Delivering the right insights to support your network design goals.

Know you have the right providers to meet your network goals

The Zelis Network360® Analytics Suite enables payers to build, enhance, and optimize their provider networks by adding or removing the right providers. Payers understand their competitive position in the market through dynamic, visual dashboards and reporting that includes overlap and exclusivity analysis, provider recruitment lists, network penetration and relative network strength. We provide access to the largest provider and network database covering commercial large and small group, individual and family, Medicare, Medicaid, dental, vision, behavioral as well as workers’ comp and lease networks.

Benchmark network accessibility against competitors with the Zelis Network360 Analytics Suite: Access

Stay ahead of regulatory pressures and the competition by identifying network access gaps and benchmarking the maximum accessibility possible for all lines of business in a market using state and federal standards. With just a click, get the information needed to fill access gaps using the largest provider database and see when access standards cannot be met.

Optimize networks based on business goals and objectives with our network design tool, the Zelis Network360 Analytics Suite: Modeling

Modeling meets the needs of payers and their members while helping to stay ahead of the constantly changing competitive and regulatory environment. Build and manage networks by quickly iterating on network designs using custom data inputs, such as healthcare consumer interest and provider quality metrics (e.g., complication rates, readmission rates and length of stay). Download a sneak peek of the Network Modeling Playbook.

The complete Network360 Analytics Suite toolset, including Access and Modeling, provides key insights about the competitive network landscape, leverages their networks in the selling process and creates intelligent networks faster to achieve the target network access and network quality outcomes that meet their business goals.