May 26, 2022

Claims Payment Optimization for a Smoother Patient Experience

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Discover why tapping into secure, scalable technology is key to optimizing your claims payment process.

Claims payment is both an important and burdensome task. Although necessary to ensure accurate and complete reimbursement for the high-quality services providers deliver, claim management is still wrought with inefficiencies, creating revenue cycle management obstacles that lead to delayed reimbursement and patient billing.

Many have started optimizing the claims management process by automating key transactions, like sending and receiving remittance advice. But there is still room to improve even highly electronic processes to ensure a smooth revenue cycle.

Leveraging technology solutions can help providers capture revenue that may have been left on the table.

In this playbook, you’ll learn:

  • Why claims payment optimization is crucial for providers
  • How to optimize the electronic claims payment process
  • How claims data access impacts the revenue cycle
  • The benefits of electronic claims payment adoption

You’ll also receive an in-depth understanding on electronic claims payment and ERA and discover exactly how you can get started with your own optimization process.



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