Helping Providers Forge the Path Ahead with Electronic Payments

See how Zelis is supporting providers through these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 has caused significant disruption in the healthcare payments industry. Both providers and payers have quickly adapted how they conducted business in response to the pandemic. Practices are feeling the strain of revenue decline from the reduction in patient volume. With the constant fluctuation in COVID-19 related bills, payers are experiencing cost uncertainty as well. Even though fewer patients are being seen at the doctor’s office, more are going to COVID testing facilities, giving rise to larger costs for some payers. Here’s how Zelis is supporting providers through these unprecedented times:

Resources for Providers

Giving providers the support they need is paramount as we return to normalcy. To help providers stay ahead of the curve, we developed the COVID-19 Provider Resource Center. It includes useful information on the new federal financial stimulus package as well as videos and blog posts.

We recently published an eBook, Back to Business Unusual, A Guide to Help Providers Navigate the Payments Challenges Ahead. The eBook takes a deep dive into the pain points facing providers today and recommends solutions customized to fit their goals. There’s even a back to work safety checklist included so providers can determine if they’re prepared to return to the office.

Zelis Payments providers were recently invited to attend a webinar, 4 Solutions That Will Increase Your Cash Flow and Improve Your Revenue Cycle. In this on-demand presentation, providers can discover how to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase payment speed by converting to electronic payments.

Zelis ACH

Zelis’ key objective is to reduce administrative burdens and improve provider reconciliation by offering multiple solutions and delivering provider choice on what works best for their organization. By using a provider-centric platform, we deliver provider satisfaction. With Zelis ACH, providers get paid without the trip to the bank and weeks faster than mailed checks.

Keeping track of payments can seem like a daunting task for providers given the current state of affairs. With contactless payments, staff can accomplish more with less. Administrative work involved with processing claim payments is reduced while costs associated with human error are slashed. And the environmental impact is decreased with a paperless solution. Providers can also access funds without unnecessary printing and mailing.

Legislative Watch

Matthew Albright, Chief Legislative Affairs Officer, has been providing updates on the latest healthcare laws affecting providers on his Legislative Watch blog series. His recent update discussed the extension of the deadline for dental providers to access funding from the CARES Act by The Department of Health and Human Services. In past updates, he’s covered surprise billing, health plan audits and senate bills. Matthew continues to deliver regular legislative updates to help providers navigate the path back to revenue stability.

As we continue ahead, improving operations for payers and providers is critical. Both groups can enhance efficiency and revenue stability by using electronic solutions such as Zelis ACH. We’re passionate about supporting our payers and providers through these difficult times.