Large Midwestern TPA Reduced Communications Costs and Increased Electronic Adoption with Episodic EOBs from Zelis

This third-party administrator (TPA) needed to reduce their operational spend and improve conversion to electronic payments with Episodic EOBs® from Zelis.

The Challenge
Faced obstacles like excessive communications and low electronic adoption

This TPA experienced high costs associated with transactional members communications. They also required multiple delivery channels for electronic payments to providers, adding to their large operational spend. They needed a more efficient way to communicate with their members. They were looking for a partner who could optimize their processes and drive electronic adoption.

The Solution
Implemented Episodic EOBs®, significantly lowering costs

By choosing Zelis, this TPA improved their member communications and lowered costs. They reduced overall spend by 30%, enabling them to stabilize their revenue. Episodic EOBs® coupled with Zelis’ payments options increased electronic adoption by 52%. By optimizing their communications, the TPA gained operational flexibility and enhanced the member experience.