Zelis Assembly: Closing the Gaps in Electronic Payments

Zelis is excited to announce the launch of the Zelis Assembly, a video-on-demand thought leadership platform that closes the gaps between payers and providers. The Zelis Assembly is a unifying, digital platform bringing together key stakeholders within the payments industry through expert videos, industry research, tools, live events and guided meetings for payers and providers. The official launch of the Zelis Assembly will be held on December 10th.  This is your call –to action: join the Zelis Assembly and be a part of the change in healthcare payments.

Join the conversations on the Zelis Assembly:

The Problem with Paper: 

Matercard and the Future of Electronic Payments in Healthcare

Following the Breadcrumbs: 

Unraveling the Mystery of Healthcare Convergence

The Invisible Risks of Managing Provider Payments 

From vulnerabilities to increased expenses – how outsourcing provider payments can deliver new financial impact and provider satisfaction

Don’t miss your chance to join the Zelis Assembly. Featuring the best minds in healthcare payments, this digital platform has the insights you need to improve operations.

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