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Specialty Networks

Specialty network options for extra flexibility, better pricing, and reduced risk.

Leverage contracted rates even on some out-of-network claims.

Zelis Specialty Network options give you full access to a wide variety of local, national and specialty network partners. Combined with your own provider network (or a Zelis network), This expands the discounts available to plans and members, delivering both convenience and savings, while also allowing our team to identify the best discount available at each provider.

Zelis Specialty Networks also avoid contract breaches that often exist with competitors’ supplemental networks, particularly when Market-Based Pricing is introduced.

Shared Savings

Reduces plan and member costs.

Specialized Coverage

Niche networks focused on specialty providers including behavioral health, OT, PT and chiropractic care.


Allows applying in or out of network benefit levels.

Strategic Application

For high frequency, low dollar providers.

Extensive Track Record

20+ years of using proprietary and leased network contracts.

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