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Zelis Advanced Payment PlatformSM

Reduce risks and maximize the efficiency of your patchwork payments infrastructure.

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Meet the Zelis Advanced Payment Platform, ZAPPSM

Discover the simplicity of an integrated payments and communications platform that reduces system complexity and streamlines operations.

  • Leverage the power of the Zelis Network to match providers with their best business model
  • Engage members right from the start with customized enrollment materials
  • Save money and increase efficiency while leveling-up security on every payment
  • Turn routine communications into meaningful member touchpoints with better Member EOBs
  • Make it easier for members with expanded member-to-provider payment options
  • Drive member satisfaction and increase successful transactions with integrated premium payments

Reduce risk, lower costs, and improve client satisfaction by consolidating your payments and communications infrastructure into a single platform.

Get total flexibility and control over your operations with omni-channel technology, leading-edge security, and platform efficiency that delivers results from day one, only with ZAPP.

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ZAPP for Payers

  • Consolidate systems for maximum efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of delivering payments to providers and members
  • Increase the security and accuracy of payments
  • Improve provider satisfaction and relationships
  • Boost member satisfaction
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ZAPP for Providers

  • Get paid faster the way you want
  • Streamline claims and payments processes
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Gain full control over all payment data
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Get a real time analysis and detailed report on the health of your payment infrastructure.

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