Zelis enables healthcare insurers and providers to ensure access to quality care at a reasonable cost by removing friction in the healthcare financial system.

Modern care is more than clinical.

Our healthcare system is delivering amazing clinical achievements, on a massive scale. But the financial experience is proving to be just as important to how people engage with, feel about, and respond to healthcare. Today, that experience can often be riddled with pain and confusion, and sometimes, a deterrent to care.

Zelis is on a mission to modernize the healthcare financial experience for all, working on behalf of 770 insurers nationwide to optimize the cost of care through intelligent claims management, to power faster and more seamless payments, and to bring more clarity to the financial journey.​


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Stories of Impact

Bridging Gaps in the Financial System

Case Studies

A Blues Plan Reduced Operational Costs and Increased Electronic Delivery of Communications with Zelis

By choosing to add Zelis payments optimization to existing processes, this plan realized significant internal optimization and savings.

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Case Studies

Client-Focused Partnership with ACS Benefit Services Drives Millions in Savings

Faced obstacles with optimizing existing processes, ACS has partnered with Zelis for over 10 years to improve operations.

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Case Studies

Long-Term Partnership with AmeriBen Drives Membership Growth and Billions in Savings

AmeriBen partners with Zelis to adopt innovative solutions that increase revenue and maximize cost management.

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Our Client Pledge

Three unique principles underscore all we do.

Technology built by healthcare experts.

Our technology is purpose-built for healthcare, using deep industry expertise to help our clients better operate and stay current with changing regulations in the complex and evolving healthcare financial landscape.​

Partnership that evolves with you.

We’re passionate about your success. We work with you to build the right solutions, helping you scale and grow.

Visibility that unlocks value.

Zelis has data, insights, and solutions that span the entire healthcare financial experience, enabling us to identify, optimize and solve problems holistically, driving real, measurable results for clients.​

A Legacy of Impact




Founded as Stratose in 1995, we first focused on expanding access and delivering an innovative wrap network solution to small and mid-market payers.


Acquired PHX integrating claims cost management strategies.


Acquired Pay-Plus Solutions, bringing payment innovations to our growing platform.


United under the Zelis brand, promising a single-source solution to lower costs.


Integrated new analytics capabilities and expanded network capabilities with acquisition of Truven, Ethicare, Strenuus and the Maverest Dental Network.


Acquired Netminder.


Integrated enrollment and claims communications solutions with acquisition of RedCard.


Expanded member navigation and transparency offerings with acquisition of Sapphire Digital.


Expanded Medicare capabilities, reference-based pricing, and payment integrity with acquisition of Payer Compass. Expands payments network and capabilities with acquisition of Payspan.

A Dynamic Executive Team

Leading Zelis and healthcare forward.

At the helm of Zelis is a dynamic team of experts with deep experience across healthcare, technology, and financial companies. Together, this diverse group is leading the way to a better healthcare financial experience.