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Healthcare is both a deeply personal and a shared human experience, and a basic human right. But in the United
States, it’s also incredibly costly. As of 2021, healthcare spending accounts for one-fifth of the economy, which is
considerably higher than other developed nations, and that’s projected to increase at a substantial rate over the
next decade.

The complexity of the U.S. healthcare system, with its mix of government programs, private insurance, and
uninsured individuals, entails varied and duplicative administrative requirements that add measurably to spending.

As a result, more than one-quarter of spending is wasted. Excessive administrative costs, high prices and
inappropriate medical care are the three major culprits in wasteful spending, driving insurance premiums and taxes
without helping patients.

Healthcare payers, providers, and patients consider the mounting cost of U.S. healthcare and its increasing
demands on the American economy unsustainable. But with multiple sources of costly gaps, friction, imbalance
and confusion between stakeholders, change has been slow.

At Zelis, we find more optimal ways to streamline, balance, clarify, and ultimately better align the interests of
payers, providers and consumers to price, explain, and pay for care on behalf of our clients.

We believe the best way to deliver on the promise of reducing the cost of healthcare is to bring new attention to detail and yes, care, to every step of the payment process. To us, that means bringing the best ideas together to reinvent how we pay for healthcare.

That’s why we partner with more than 700 payers, millions of providers, and one hundred million health plan members. We’re easing adversarial relationships, taking friction out of healthcare transactions, and reducing costs for all.


Founded as Stratose

Focused on expanding network access.


Acquired PHX

Integrated claims cost management.


Acquired Pay-Plus Solutions

Added payment capabilities to our growing platform.


United under the Zelis brand

Offering a single-source solution to lower costs.


Acquired Truven & Strenuus

New analytics and expanded network capabilities.


Acquired RedCard

Integrated enrollment and claims communications.


Acquired Sapphire Digital

Expanded member navigation and transparency offerings.


Acquired Payer Compass

Expanded reference-based pricing and payment integrity technology capabilities.

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