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insurance network analysis

Third-party administrator BRMS maximizes new business opportunities with Zelis Network360 Analytics Suite

The challenge

Benefit & Risk Management Services (BRMS) was looking for a way to provide prospective clients with concise, easy-to-use health insurance network reports that didn’t dent their desk upon delivery.

The solution

The TPA has been able to shape its strategy and build a more modern, flexible network to meet clients’ needs after partnering with Zelis to implement Network360.


A deeper look

Simplifies decision-making for network development and management, strategy and competitive intelligence and sales teams

The challenge

Faced obstacles with optimizing new and prospective business opportunities

Before adopting Network360, the BRMS sales team spent weeks generating reports and, in some cases, discovered that the network they analyzed was ultimately not the right fit for the client. 
A typical report was usually 60-80 pages long and would take three to four weeks to develop, establishing a long and inefficient sales cycle.

The solution

Adopted the Zelis Network360 Analytics Suite

Unlike other solutions, the Network360 Analytics Suite is designed to develop, manage and sell smarter and more adaptable health insurance networks by delivering competitive analysis related to provider participation, access and cost.

By choosing Network360 for analytics and reporting, BRMS is now able to quickly determine which insurance network will best serve clients and has reduced client reports to a 10-page document.