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Partnership Overview

Together, we all succeed.

At Zelis, we’re committed to reaching across the healthcare system to create relationships that touch every part of the financial experience. We align deeply with organizations who provide unmatched technology, services, and support to deliver on that promise to our mutual clients.

Key points

  • Partners across adjudication systems, technology platforms, clearinghouses and payment processing systems, and networks
  • Integrations available through lorem ipsum and our API Marketplace

Partner Overview

Why partner with Zelis?

Generate new revenue streams

The most comprehensive solution on the market, Zelis delivers industry-leading tools to modernize the healthcare financial experience, at scale.

Build client success

We know that clients with integrated solutions are more productive, efficient, and effective – and we win when they do.

Design integrated solutions

Help clients achieve more value through integrations and repeatable solutions.

As we’ve worked with Zelis, we’ve found all their capabilities and solutions to be very easy to plug-in and integrate with our offerings. That flexibility is very valuable to us.
From the start, Network360 has been a wildly successful program that has impacted our ability to meet goals and grow our business.
Our relationship with Zelis has given us the flexibility to create customized solutions and bring value to our clients. The solutions and expertise that Zelis brings to the table, as well as its team’s ability to develop ideas to improve our processes, have created a mutually beneficial relationship for both our companies.