Provider Nexus, your multi-payer provider directory.

Built for benefit administrators, consultants, brokers, healthcare IT partners and exchanges, Zelis Provider Nexus cleans, organizes, and standardizes the best available data from multiple carriers to put the most reliable provider information within your reach.

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Create custom provider search with ease.

With multiple data sources and conflicting information, building a robust provider search can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Zelis takes a multi-layered approach to deliver the fastest, most reliable provider search solution for your network with a nationwide provider database.

Using our highly configurable Provider Nexus API, your developers can seamlessly integrate search queries (endpoints) and results into your own platform. You can filter by your own attributes, including premium designations, centers of excellence, enrollment codes, and PCP IDs.

Provider Nexus is only possible because our partners – both our clients and carriers – trust us to protect and maintain the integrity of the provider data, while using it to deliver the best possible service.

Features and Benefits

Streamline provider director and plan design, with faster, more reliable data.

Provide members with the most reliable provider search tools across commercial, Medicare, exchange, vision, dental, and behavioral health.

Maintain the integrity of provider network data by spotting application errors before they cause disruptions in service with constant, automated API monitoring.

Standardize provider information according to internal business rules with an API that adjusts to your workflow, delivering exactly the variables your developers need, supported by a comprehensive documentation library.

One benefit of working with Zelis is their flexibility to meet our needs. Our TPA is located in a geographical “provider hotbed” so we experience frequent non-conformity. Zelis continues to bring unique ideas to navigate our complex medical care market.

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