Long-Term Partnership with AmeriBen Drives Membership Growth and Billions in Savings

In 2021, Medicare Pricing Solution saved AmeriBen clients more than $727 million.

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AmeriBen partners with Zelis to adopt innovative solutions that increase revenue and maximize cost management.

The Challenge

AmeriBen was looking to increase its revenue growth, ensure payment integrity, and maximize cost management across its product offerings.

The Solution

After partnering with the Zelis team, AmeriBen discovered a newfound confidence when navigating constantly changing market demands generated by client needs, regulatory issues, and new legislation.


Increase in gross savings from 2020-2021


Client savings in 2021


Savings related to dialysis coverage

A Deeper Dive

A 25-year partnership proven to stand the test of time.

25 years ago, AmeriBen was looking for a vendor partner with a portfolio of innovative solutions to increase revenue and maximize cost management. But that was just the beginning.

Over the years, Zelis has helped AmeriBen build out its product portfolio to include Claims Editing, Out-of-Network Solutions, Hospital Bill Review, Medicare Pricing Solution (which includes coverage for dialysis treatment), and a No Surprises Act solution.

When the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule were announced, AmeriBen looked to Zelis to ensure compliance with the new regulations, while still prioritizing the member experience and overall cost savings.

In 2021 alone, Medicare Pricing Solution saved AmeriBen clients more than $727 million. Over 1/3 of that amount was related to dialysis coverage.

“Zelis has always given us the tools we needed to succeed. Working with their team has helped us navigate the constantly changing demands of the market that are generated by our clients’ needs, regulatory issues, and the passage of new legislation.

We didn’t have a lot of time to react to the NSA, and Zelis’ legislative knowledge helped us make sure we had everything we needed to be compliant.”

We have a level of confidence that when something new comes up, we’re going to work with Zelis to solve the problem.”

– Eric Channer, Chief Financial Officer