Zelis for Health Systems & Hospitals

Do you have staff who processing paper checks, spending time logging into disparate payer portals? Streamline and automate every step of your payments process in a single portal for all your long-tail payers.

Across the country, more than 400,000 providers – including those from 8 of the 10 largest health systems – trust Zelis to improve cash flow, improve productivity drive efficiencies throughout the enterprise.

Why Zelis?

Accelerate claim management with integrated electronic payments.

Zelis gives you the power to simplify your claim payment process electronically, with easy 835 integration with your existing systems and claims platforms. Plus, you’ll have a single, secure platform to reconcile payments from more than 450 payers.

Zelis clients get paid up to 16 days faster using ACH+ compared to paper checks, improving security, cash flow and efficiency at every step. Your online portal will give your team 24/7 access to the status of every payment – and our team is standing by whenever you need help.

Key Points

  • Get paid up to 16 days faster than paper checks
  • Ensure the security of all payments
  • Manage all your payers in one platform
  • Get 24/7 access to the status of every claim

Features and Benefits

Get paid faster, the way you want to.

Streamline your revenue cycle with direct connections to more than 350 payers in a single portal.

Settle payments directly, routing funds to a single or multiple TINs for increased efficiency.

Enable faster payments with faster secondary filing and more accurate patient billing.

Extract remittances directly from adjudication systems for cleaner 835s.

Monitor payments for suspicious activity or fraud.

Prevent paper payments from being targeted for theft.

How It Works

A better way to manage your long-tail payers.

With a simple switch to automate your claim payment process, you will move from a cycle of never-ending backlog and costly errors to a sustainable one. You’ll get paid and close your books faster, having more cash on hand while reducing AR by up to 16 days on average.

Payment accuracy will also improve along with the overall payment experience, as you shift resources from administrative work to patient care. Most importantly, you’ll be able to execute on growth and strategic initiatives rather than digging your way out of the red.

Traditionally, handling payments manually required significant effort. The Zelis automated service has reduced this by 4x for our hospital business, and 6x for our physician business.

Zelis is built for all providers.

Simplifying claim payments across 450+ payers.

Medical Practices

As a medical practice, constantly changing industry rules, staffing shortages, and evolving patient expectations make it more difficult than ever to get paid efficiently. Zelis provides payment and delivery options tailored specifically to medical practices to match your workflow.

Dental Practices

Want to spend more time focusing on patient care and accelerating payments all while keeping costs low? Modernize your dental practice and make the switch to a streamlined solution customized to your needs.

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