Zelis for Dental Payers

Control rising costs, gain efficiencies and improve provider and member satisfaction for your dental organization by leveraging our connected platform for network and payment solutions.

Why Zelis?

Rapidly pay claims to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Balancing rising costs and meeting member and provider needs is critical to a successful and sustainable dental program. Zelis takes an integrated approach to reduce the cost and complexity of managing your dental network and payment processes.

Network design, access and analytics help you build a competitive, cost-effective dental network that members and clients need to deliver high quality care at the right price. Leveraging our national dental provider network increases network access and savings for your practice.

Our advanced payments and communications platform drives electronic adoption with flexible payment options and streamlined communications. Moving payments away from paper reduces costs and can help improve member and provider satisfaction.

Join the market leader in partnering with dental payers to help build and optimize networks and payment strategies. Learn more about the full suite of solutions for dental payers: Network Analytics, Network Design, Network Access and Savings, Payments and Communications.

Key Points

  • Relationships with over 770 payers
  • 13 years average client tenure
  • 66 payer NPS score

Seamless access to a national network of providers.

Primary and supplemental dental networks deliver competitive savings on dental claims and discounts for a full range of services.
Increase in network access and savings by leveraging our national dental provider network.

Improve efficiency while streamlining dental enrollment and claims communications.

Deliver information clearly and increase member satisfaction by consolidating dental communications and leveraging electronic delivery.

Key insights about the competitive network landscape.

An integrated approach to evaluating which providers are the right candidates for you, customized to specific market requirements.

Reduce operational costs by moving to electronic payments.

Real-time, integrated electronic payments solution for dental payers that reduces the cost of making payments and increases provider satisfaction.

As we’ve worked with Zelis, we’ve found all their capabilities and solutions to be very easy to plug-in and integrate with our offerings. That flexibility is very valuable to us.