Optimize B2B payments with Zelis.

Reduce risk, lower costs, and improve client satisfaction by consolidating your payments and communications infrastructure into a single platform.

Why Zelis?

Meet the Zelis Advanced Payments PlatformSM

Discover the simplicity of an integrated payments and communications platform that reduces system complexity and streamlines operations.

Key Points

  • Leverage the power of the Zelis Network to match providers with their best business model.
  • Engage members right from the start with customized enrollment materials.
  • Save money and increase efficiency while leveling-up security on every payment.
  • Turn routine communications into meaningful member touchpoints with better Member EOBs.
  • Make it easier for members with expanded member-to-provider payment options.
  • Drive member satisfaction and increase successful transactions with integrated premium payments.


A seamless system powering your payments and communications.

ZAPP, or the Zelis Advanced Payments Platform, is the next-generation of one consolidated platform that allows payers to fully manage payments and communications (EOPs, EOBs) in one integrated portal. Get total flexibility and control over your operations with omni-channel technology, leading-edge security, and platform efficiency that delivers results from day one, only with ZAPP.

ZAPP Platform Overview

Driving better service and performance across your financial operations.

Reduce the cost of making payments while driving provider satisfaction with our integrated electronic payments solution. 

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Bring new levels of clarity, security, and usability to ID cards and more. 

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Optimize your claims communications through a multitude of technology and communication enhances. Introduce Claims Consolidation through Episodic vs transactional EOBs. 

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client retention rate

Zelis offers a robust platform from which we could customize ID card designs. Our clients tell us they are extremely pleased with that flexibility and customization, which allows ACS to quickly adapt to each client’s unique needs.
We’ve pioneered many things with Zelis to get us to where we are today. We’ve come a long way from the days when we were faxing actual bill reviews and explanation of pricing statements back and forth. The partnership with Zelis has resulted in more than $21 million in annual savings for VHBA.

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