Empower your members.

Members who understand their options make confident healthcare decisions. Help them find and access quality care when and where they need it – at a reasonable cost.

Why Zelis?

Clear and simple care navigation, powering a modern financial experience.

Empower members to make informed decisions and to share in the savings, which encourages consumerism and cost control.

Key Points

  • Empower members to make informed decisions through data-driven solutions
  • Provide clarity with personalized care selection when they need it
  • Meet critical transparency regulations of NSA and TiC

Member Engagement Solutions

Enabling the complete care shopping, selection, and scheduling experience.

Individual-carrier provider directory for health plan members.

Give members a platform to find care and understand costs through personalized search. Show your members their best options curated for them at just the right moment by highlighting quality, cost-effective care providers and facilities. 

  • Care Guidance: We do the work behind the scenes with flexible taxonomies, next best action algorithms, and ML/AI suggestion models. 
  • Connection & Retention: Tightly integrate key partners to deliver consistent member satisfaction scores, demonstrate ROI, and ultimately increase retention through better outcomes. 
  • Support & Guidance: Our compliant print and share solutions enable members to save provider information for offline use. 
  • Medicare Advantage: Help seniors with one-stop shopping that closes care gaps with personalized recommendations and promotes specific health and wellness actions. 

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Healthcare navigation service that rewards you for finding and getting the care you need.

Empower members with a guided healthcare shopping experience that enables them to make high-value care choices, reduce their out-of-pocket expenses, and get rewarded in cash all while lowering your total cost of care.

  • Easy Web Application: Delivered as a free-standing web application or as an integrated program within S365.  
  • Concierge Services: Our concierge team delivers personalized support through phone, chat, or email, helping people find and schedule care. 
  • Digital Engagement: Remove administrative burdens from HR departments by leveraging our dedicated Member Engagement program s members to use the program. 
  • Member Rewards through Dynamic Incentives that allow you to share the savings with members. 

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Multi-carrier provider directory for exchanges, benefit consultants, and healthcare IT partners .

Clean, organize, and standardize the best available provider network data from multiple carriers to put the most reliable provider information within members’ reach. 

  • Supply members the most reliable provider search tools across commercial, Medicare, exchange, vision, dental, and behavioral health.  
  • Maintain the integrity of provider network data by spotting application errors before they cause disruptions in service with constant, automated API monitoring.  
  • Standardize provider information according to internal business rules with an agile API that adjusts to your workflow, delivering exactly the variables your developers need. 

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average program ROI

This is my first experience with SmartShopper and was greeted by Shannon, a Personal Assistant, who was a tremendous assistance. My first experience has been a pleasure!
Happy to find a facility that helps control costs. Tired of out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by insurance and the procedure costs range is amazing overpriced by some facilities.
I would give the Personal Assistant Team 10 stars! Their service is excellent. They find my facilities nearby, update me on new procedures, and guide me through what I might need. Tell them I say thank you!
My husband and I just used SmartShopper to schedule our annual procedures. The provider was wonderful, and we earned $150 cash back! 100% recommend.
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