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This health plan needed to address the ongoing costs associated with provider payments.

The Challenge

A BCBS plan struggled with plateaued electronic adoption
and high costs from payment inefficiencies.

The Solution

Health Plan integrated Zelis payments optimization to streamline their existing payment operations, impact their
bottom line, and increase provider payment options.

$ 1.2 M
Offset Annual Payment Fulfillment Costs
+ 40 %
Increased Customer Adoption on Existing Checks

3 x
Increased Payment & Delivery Options for Providers

A deeper look

Payer builds a new revenue stream by implementing Zelis electronic payments.

The Challenge

Faced obstacles with optimizing existing processes

This Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan offered a direct-to-provider EFT program where both Par and Non-Par providers could participate. After several years, provider adoption plateaued, placing an on-going cost burden on the plan. The plan struggled with eliminating the “last mile” of check payments as well as creating a more equitable Non-Par electronic offering. They were looking for a partner who could optimize their provider payments and meet their compliance needs. They needed to minimize provider abrasion while seamlessly integrating with their existing process.

The Solution

Added Zelis payments optimization to their process

By choosing to add Zelis payments optimization to existing payment processes, this plan realized significant internal optimization and savings. The plan experienced a 40% increase in adoption of electronic payments. The plan received $1.2M in annual ROI while ensuring minimal disruption and maximum options for their providers. By offering more choices for payment modality, the plan increased electronic adoption and provider satisfaction.