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Network Performance

A turnkey approach to building and optimizing better networks faster than ever.

Network Performance UI

Advance your network build and optimization efforts.

Zelis Network Builder and Optimizer combines your in-house CRM and provider metrics with our own data around access, adequacy, and competitive performance to address gaps and prevent over contracting. Giving you the data to have confidence in your network.

Plus, with Zelis Network Build Protection, you’ll have a back-up network for your members to access while you finalize contracts and other details.

Network Data

Leverage both in-house and Zelis proprietary data to meet requirements and uncover key insights about key performance metrics.

Virtual Network Builder

Create virtual networks and test them against key access and adequacy requirements and adjust before going to market.

Network Build Protection

Avoid the stress of tight deadlines, last-minute credentialing and contracting hiccups with backup, ready-to-go network options that ensure you’re covered until your network build is complete.


Measure access and minimum provider ratios for individual physicians and facilities, both in your own and competitors’ networks.

Cost Impact

Project costs and estimate network savings, based on member utilization before going to market, to drive more informed decisions about provider selection.


Custom, employer-specific contracting with Zelis enables plans to build and offer networks with the provider coverage they need to deliver optimal results and win business.


Proactively move the process earlier in the network build to eliminate delays. Don’t let credentialing be an afterthought.


Network Performance in action.

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Build a stronger, more efficient network, faster than ever.

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