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Payments Optimization for Payers

Integrated technology to streamline every payment and improve provider relationships.

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Maximize efficiency and deliver real savings.

Paper checks and manual process are costing you money and putting both provider relationships and member security at risk.

Whether you’re paying medical, dental or property and casualty claims, the Zelis end-to-end payments engine changes everything without interrupting your workflow.

We bring proprietary integrations with leading core claims platforms, ensuring you can start delivering faster, more accurate payments from day one – while saving up to 60% compared to manual processes. Our approach will build electronic adoption throughout your network, accelerate payments to providers and ensure balance at every step.

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Seamless Implementation

Get started with Zelis payments with no start-up or implementation costs.

Electronic Claim Adoption

Electronic payments reduce printing and mailing postage by up to 60% and cut average time-to-pay from 14 days down to 2 days or fewer.

Full EDI Integration

Full support for leading EDI and clearinghouses ensures seamless transition.

Comprehensive Reporting

Automated reports help you track the status of every payment and every provider.

Provider Engagement and Satisfaction

Deliver consolidated payments and balanced, detailed 835s to participating providers.

Scalable for Organizations

The Zelis agile approach easily scales for large payer and provider organizations.

For Payers

Zelis Payments Optimization enables you to:

  • Reduce the cost of delivering payments to providers and members
  • Increase the security and accuracy of payments
  • Improve provider satisfaction and relationships
  • Boost member satisfaction

Are you a provider? See our payments solution for providers.

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Zelis by the Numbers

Deliver payments to:

1.5 M
700 K
providers in proprietary network
60 %
reduction in print and postage costs


Payments Optimization in action.

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Find new efficiencies with Zelis Payers Payments Optimization.

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