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Reducing Friction in the Provider Financial Journey

Understanding How Payers Can Address Financial Process Challenges And Drive Modernization

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Financial Experience and Patient Satisfaction

Reducing friction to drive more transparent and actionable financial processes

The healthcare industry is facing a customer experience (CX) crisis, and both payers and providers must take active steps in improving their reputation among the general public if they hope to turn things around.

Payments and claims are a prime example of how patients end up bearing the brunt of the industry’s inefficiency. Today, submitting a payment or tracking a claim is often a frustrating, friction-filled, and confusing burden for patients/members that gets in the way of patient care, making it hard for payers and providers to develop healthy and productive patient relationships.

With greater regulatory and competitive pressures, as well as a patient population whose size and needs are rapidly expanding, the time to act is now. As such, Zelis commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of payment and claims processes in the US.

Gain insights into how the financial experience plays a major role in patient satisfaction with the full report.

In this study, Forrester conducted an online survey of 361 healthcare decision-makers at organizations in the US to evaluation the state of claims and payment management strategies. Survey participants included decision-makers in finance, operations, and revenue cycle management. Questions provided to the participants asked about their attitudes and capabilities in claims and payment management. Respondents were offered a small incentive as a thank-you for time spent on the survey. The study began in January 2023 and was completed in May 2023.