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We fully understand the challenges providers face in the complex healthcare delivery system. We have a reputation with providers based on market appropriate discounts, excellent service and support. Providers contract with us to gain:

  • Access to patients ‒ Our network scale provides access to patients you might not otherwise attract; participating in our network shows goodwill toward patients concerned with affordability.
  • Market appropriate discounts ‒ Our logic-driven tools offer a truer picture of what it really costs to deliver treatment, including fee schedules based on known acceptable reimbursement amounts and reasonable charges.
  • Timely reimbursements ‒ Zelis helps prevent delays in claim adjudication through technology that delivers exceptional provider matching and other proofing capabilities. We offer reimbursement within contracted timeframes, which facilitates your revenue cycle management.

Group Health

Our networks are accessed by local, regional, and national TPAs and mid- to large-sized health plans, providing increased access to patients in key markets. Many members accessing Zelis networks have enhanced benefits and reduced out of pocket expenses. All members regardless of plan design share in the savings that our PPO offers their payer. Our PPO contract team can work with you to determine product options most appropriate for your practice or facility.

We offer the following benefits to our providers:

  • Full service provider agreements
  • Fast, accurate and consistent claims repricing to payers
  • Credentialing services for many product offerings
  • Market-based rate terms
  • Access to a broader client base
Participation in a Medical Home network established by Zelis has led to an increase in volume and established our leadership position in the community.
Director at a large regional hospital

Workers’ Compensation

Zelis offers a broad network scale that provides negotiation leverage with payers and access to patients you might not otherwise attract. Our experience with Workers’ Compensation gives us an understanding of these long-term cases and a return-to-work philosophy.

  • Extensive network coverage including specialty providers
  • Treat injured workers across the spectrum of care
  • Timely reimbursement
  • Fully credentialed network options available


The Zelis Dental PPO drives success for participating dental professionals with access to new patients, through multiple carrier sources. We ensure market appropriate reimbursements.

  • Competitive fee schedules
  • Inclusion on multiple directory websites
  • Access to the top dental carriers and TPAs with a single agreement