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Benefit Consultants and Brokers

Empower your clients to pay for care, with care.

Build stronger client relationships with next generation solutions.

Your clients value your input – and Zelis can help you make your relationships even stronger. Partner with us, and we’ll put the industry’s most advanced analytic tools at your fingertips.

Zelis Network Analytics allows you to consult with your clients on a whole new level. You’ll bring competitive and performance insights to the table, uncovering gaps in their networks and comparing their network performance to key competitors. You’ll bring real insights to the table – insights health plans and TPAs can use to improve member service, optimize network performance, and reduce costs.

Create provider network performance reports tailored to each client

Provide insight to cover gaps in care

Compare networks with competitors on streamlined dashboard

Evaluate networks based on accessibility, cost and quality

Build powerful provider search tools

Solutions for Benefit Consultants and Brokers

Here’s how we help you strengthen your client relationships:

Learn more about claims communications and our network solutions.


Learn more about our network solutions.


Case Study

Regional Health Plan saves $8.7M annually. 

Regional Health Plan with 250,000 members saved $8.7M annually through post-adjudication, pre-payment claims editing.

Zelis by the Numbers

Join us as we chart new ways to pay for care, with care.

99 %
Client Retention Rate
1.5 M
Network Providers
$ 100 B
in payments delivered annually

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