S365 Provider Search and Selection with Zelis.

Help your members find their best care options curated for them by highlighting quality, cost-effective care providers and facilities with personalized search.

S365 is NCQA Certified for Physician and Hospital Directories.

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Give your members more guidance in navigating care.

Your members are increasingly aware of healthcare costs and are seeking solutions to help them make sense of the costs they are likely to face. At least 88 percent of adults living in the US have health literacy inadequate to navigate the healthcare system and promote their well-being, according to the Milken Institute.

Having easy-to use tools to access information will help them better address and manage household healthcare spending. Meet them where they are with an easy-to-use and personalized care navigation platform that empowers them to search for, evaluate, and select high-value healthcare. S365 also delivers on the Transparency in Coverage (TinC) requirements by allowing members to easily access cost estimates, empowering them to address and manage household healthcare spending.

For those members who require additional support, we offer a set of tools and services to help, such as printing and sharing provider information offline and our concierge team who can advise via phone, email or chat on reward-eligible procedures, and even switch or book appointments.

Features and Benefits

Care navigation and selection made simple.

Help members easily find care for over 500 shoppable procedures through provider and facility search.

Help members evaluate their out-of-pocket costs of care prior to scheduling with a cost calculator that’s based on their unique plan and deductible balance.

Give your Medicare Advantage members extra help with program promotion for specific health and wellness actions.

Empower your members to create, share, and read reviews on personal experiences with providers and facilities so other members can make more informed choices.

Integrate with SmartShopper to share in the savings by rewarding care decisions with Dynamic Incentives for high-value healthcare decisions.

S365™ Provider Finder API

Incorporate the search for providers (both facilities and professionals), specialties, and procedures functionality into other applications. Includes numerous data elements such as provider address, phone number, and specialties.

S365™ Cost Calculator API

Give members the ability to search for procedures and be able to view estimated costs for the procedures. The Provider Finder API requests are needed in order to use Cost Calculator API.

S365™ Ratings & Review API

Allow the viewing of ratings and reviews for providers (both professionals and facilities). When authentication is used, users will also be able to add ratings and reviews and vote on existing reviews.

Incentives & Rewards API

Leverage our integrated cost services by connecting rewards to existing cost transparency solutions which enables the creation and presentation of provider and facility specific incentives to drive engagement through cash and non-cash rewards.

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