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Your integrated healthcare shopping and transparency platform.

Give members a platform to find care and understand costs through search.

Through comprehensive data management, best-in-class UI, and CI/CD approach to software delivery, our platform can provide the right solution for any payer.

S365’s seamless care journey with clinical insights, patient ratings, and reward opportunities with our integrated SmartShopper platform provides guidance and direction to members through suggesting and highlighting the highest quality, cost-effective doctors and care programs at relevant touchpoints in the care journey.

Expansive Data Access

500+ shoppable procedures. Compatible with all major PPO networks.

Cost Savings Generator

$164M+ claims savings for employers (6-year average).

Provider Search

Easily find the right care with multiple ways to search for physicians and procedures for facilities.

Ratings & Reviews

Create, share, and read reviews on personal experiences with providers and facilities.

Cost Calculator

View out-of-pocket cost estimates, personalized cost information and deductible status. Receive cost savings alerts when more cost-effective options are available.

TiC Compliant

Meet Transparency in Coverage & MRF requirements.

Integrates with SmartShopper

Empowers employees to make high value healthcare choices, share in the savings and get rewarded in cash with white-labeled SmartShopper.

S365 for Medicare Advantage

One-stop shopping specifically for seniors that increases participation in key programs, closes care gaps with personalized recommendations, and promotes specific health and wellness actions. 

A Comprehensive Navigation Suite

Give your members more guidance.

Steerage & Direction

Highlighting the quality, cost-effective providers, and programs at relevant moments in the care journey.

We do the work behind the scenes with flexible taxonomies, next best action algorithms, and ML/AI suggestion models so all your members see are their best options curated just for them at the just the right moment.

Connection & Retention

Tightly integrating key partners into our best-in-class healthcare shopping solution to deliver consistent member satisfaction scores, demonstrated ROI, and ultimately retention through better outcomes.

Support & Guidance

For those members who require additional support, we offer a set of tools and services to help.

Our compliant print and share solutions enable members save provider information for offline use. Our highly rated concierge team can advise on reward-eligible procedures, and even switch or book appointments.


Flexibility to respond quickly as price transparency and competition evolve healthcare.

Member expectations for digital-first, self-service tools are becoming more pronounced. The need to update and share updates and adjustments to plans details and member benefits are increasing accordingly. Our administrative tools continue to grow and expand to enable plans to respond with increased speed and precision.

APIs for S365

S365™ Provider Finder API

Incorporate the search for providers (both facilities and professionals), specialties, and procedures functionality into other applications. Includes numerous data elements including provider address, phone number, and specialties.

S365™ Cost Calculator API

Give members the ability to search for procedures and be able to view estimated costs for the procedures. The Provider Finder API requests are needed in order to use Cost Calculator API.

S365™ Ratings & Review API

Allow the viewing of ratings and reviews for providers (both professionals and facilities). When authentication is used, users will also be able to enter ratings and reviews, and like/dislike others’ reviews.

Incentives & Rewards API

Leverages our integrated cost services, connecting rewards to existing cost transparency solutions which enables the creation and presentation of provider and facility specific incentives to drive engagement through cash and non-cash rewards.

FHIR®-compliant Provider Directory API

FHIR®-compliant, public access provider directory API provides the data availability required to comply with the mandate and consumption monitoring to help clients better understand the third-party access and use of this data.

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