SmartShopper® Propel

You are striving to empower your members to be happier and healthier, let Propel help you get there faster.

SmartShopper® Propel is a member activation solution that offers consumer-focused engagement strategies. It’s powered with proven incentivization capabilities and backed by our SmartShopper Care Concierge Support Team.

Dive Deeper

Propel takes the guesswork out of understanding your member populations.

SmartShopper® Propel enhances your strategic plan to highlight open opportunities for care by using omni-channel targeted outreaches and digital rewards. With embedded survey capabilities, Propel can help you take the guesswork out of understanding your member populations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Embedded surveys
  • Access to the Care Concierge Team for members
  • Program monitoring for member activation and utilization trends
  • Customizable outreaches
  • Program additions such as Food is Medicine
  • And more!

For a member-centered activation and engagement program to work, it needs to be built on three key pillars:

  • Program design personalized specifically for the individual health plan’s unique goals.
  • User-friendly guidance software and an on- call concierge team for enhanced member engagement.
  • Comprehensive data management with multi- level measured results and reporting.

How it works

Propel makes it easy to launch a program.

We work with your team during implementation to customize outreaches that fit your needs and your population, no matter the size. With our omni-channel solution and reporting in place, you’re able to meet your goals in a timely manner.

  1. Members get communications whether via digital channels (phone call, notification, email) or postal mail to activate their account.
  2. Member login to their personalized portal and see tasks to complete based on open gaps and the objectives you set for the program.
  3. When they navigate to one of their tasks, detailed education populates about that task.
  4. On task completion, the member fills in the needed attestation information, confirming they have completed the task.
  5. Members receive a reward, if applicable, after a successful claims match and/or attestation.
SmartShopper Propel - How it works
This is my first experience with SmartShopper and was greeted by Shannon, a member of the Care Concierge Team, who was a tremendous assistance. My first experience has been a pleasure!
Happy to find a facility that helps control costs. Tired of out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by insurance and the procedure costs range is amazing overpriced by some facilities.
I would give the Care Concierge Team 10 stars! Their service is excellent. They find my facilities nearby, update me on new procedures, and guide me through what I might need. Tell them I say thank you!
My husband and I just used SmartShopper to schedule our annual procedures. The provider was wonderful, and we earned $150 cash back! 100% recommend.

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