SmartShopper® Rewarding Care Selection with Zelis.

Managing healthcare today can be a hassle and confusing. There are lots of resources, but information is patchy at best and you’re left to piece it all together. It’s frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if the experience of finding and selecting a care provider or facility was simple, convenient, and even a source of empowerment?

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Reduce the cost of care, without compromising quality.

In today’s healthcare market costs are up, and expectations are higher. Healthcare consumers expect clarity and ease, and employer groups need to lower total cost of care. But it is getting harder and harder to achieve both. Employees often feel stressed and overwhelmed by the hassle and confusion of healthcare. Surprises are fun, but not when it comes to how much you pay for healthcare.

What if the experience of finding and selecting a care provider or facility was simple, convenient, and even a source of empowerment?

Meet SmartShopper, a service that helps your members and employees easily find and get the care they need. We do the legwork to make decisions clear and simple, saving time and money in the process.

Features and Benefits

Get clarity in healthcare, at your fingertips.

Bring quality to the forefront by recommending providers

Members have access to best-in-class quality ratings, improving member confidence in choosing their care. The platform highlights centers of excellence for surgical care, PCPs, and specialists based on clinically-backed quality measurements will: Improve opportunities to drive appropriate and effective care, resulting in reduced episode of care costs and increased claim savings, as well as boost member retention and satisfaction by guiding members to make both high-quality and cost-effective decisions.

Customize the experience with personalized messaging

Powered through a data-driven analysis, members receive personalized care recommendations meaningful to their needs, increasing engagement. Lower your total cost of care while building trust and partnership with your members, by leveraging a data-driven approach, aligning with employer benefits plans, and communicating through the right channel.

Make virtual care accessible

Connect members with virtual care before it’s an urgent need. Help members get the best care with virtual care integration, creating a digital front door for members when care is needed most. Boost strong member satisfaction by highlighting affordable and timely care and improve clinical outcomes by featuring prompts to activate virtual care before it is ever needed.

Easily explain the expected cost of care

We help your members easily compare care options and see the differences. All the information they need is available through a single dashboard that is integrated with your member portal.

Share the savings

When members make smart healthcare choices, they can earn rewards through Dynamic Incentives which encourages consumer engagement in care selection and drives quality.

2024 Performance Report

Proven Performance and Return on Investment

SmartShopper® provided $64M in savings for plan sponsors with a 3:1 program ROI. Over $8.6M in savings has been passed over to members in 2023. Download the new Performance and Savings Report and see how engagement strategies and Care concierge support encouraged preventative care, reducing cumulative healthcare costs and discover how personalization is key to guiding a consumer’s next best action in care decisions.

This is my first experience with SmartShopper and was greeted by Shannon, a member of the Care Concierge Team, who was a tremendous assistance. My first experience has been a pleasure!
Happy to find a facility that helps control costs. Tired of out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t covered by insurance and the procedure costs range is amazing overpriced by some facilities.
I would give the Care Concierge Team 10 stars! Their service is excellent. They find my facilities nearby, update me on new procedures, and guide me through what I might need. Tell them I say thank you!
My husband and I just used SmartShopper to schedule our annual procedures. The provider was wonderful, and we earned $150 cash back! 100% recommend.

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