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By Kaitlin Howard

Kaitlin Howard is a researcher and writer producing insightful content across the healthcare revenue cycle. She has written and produced content for Zelis, Waystar, and Recondo Technology, as well as agencies. With a B.A. in English and Writing from University of Denver, Kaitlin stays current on market updates on claims management and healthcare payments, publishing a regular educational blog series on industry trends and Zelis offerings.

“Leadership can be a lonely job. But the minute you start to talk to people, it feels a lot easier, and the answer of where to go becomes pretty clear.”

Amanda Eisel, CEO of Zelis, recently joined Electrifying Growth host Chris Sugden to share her perspective on managing conflicting priorities, making tough decisions, and leveraging coaches and mentors… all while making it look easy.

As always, we’ll discuss the highlights below, but you can listen to the full podcast here:

A bit of background

Amanda started out after undergrad as a McKinsey consultant. During her (almost) decade working there, she honed a love of problem solving, learning exactly how to break down complex issues and utilize people to their best capabilities to ensure results.

She then moved on to Bain Capital where she partnered with technology and healthcare IT companies to build transformation strategies and discover the right talent.

Soon after, she took a leap and began her time at Zelis.

Choosing fearlessness

What’s the worst that can happen?

While, to many, it may feel like this question is a one-way ticket to an immediate downward spiral, for Amanda, it signals more of a pit stop.

This is the reality Amanda recognized in the midst of a daunting career decision. She recalled, “I kept going back and forth and my husband asked me, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ I realized maybe I would go one direction and later wish I hadn’t, but then I could just do something else.”

Best practice: If you’re finding yourself paralyzed by a decision, face your fears head on.

Balancing excellence

You can’t do it all. But you can do what matters to you.

How? Setting appropriate boundaries.

Boundaries are enabling constraints. And while they may feel like restrictions, they actually free you to be present in the places you’ve chosen to be.

Both your life and career are marathons, not sprints. Setting boundaries merely helps you pace yourself to avoid burnout while remaining committed to excellence.

Let’s set the scene.

You decide work ends by 5:00pm.

Meaning: notifications are silenced, your laptop is closed, and your family becomes your main priority by 5:01. Every day.

But that’s not the only way.

You could also set “yes” and “no” boundaries.

For example, your family may decide that any extracurriculars with activities on Sundays are an automatic “no”.

Best practice: Whatever it looks like for you, get clear on your boundaries so you can remain present in the things you’ve given your “yes” to.

Finding confidants

While it may be “lonely at the top”, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, the solution is surprisingly simple.

Talk to people. Being a great leader requires more than just yourself. The support and wisdom of others is what takes you from good to great.

For Amanda, this means viewing your board as your partners and fostering a transparent relationship with each member.

But it also means finding peers you can process challenges with.

Amanda has found support from current teammates, former teammates, and college friends who can relate to her struggles and act as a sounding board when she needs to think things through.

Best practice: Find the people who will navigate it all with you.

The wrap up

Bottom line: it’s really all about taking it easy on yourself.

Choose your “yes”es and set boundaries, confront your fears in making decisions, and find the people who will navigate it all with you.

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