SVP, General Manager of Zelis India

Venu Kandimalla

Venugopal Reddy Kandimalla (a.k.a Venu) is the General Manager and Country Head for Zelis. He is responsible for establishing the Global Capability Center (GCC) in Hyderabad, India and creating world-class capabilities that help Zelis in its mission of modernizing the healthcare financial experience.

As a forward-thinking leader with a dedication to fostering positive transformation, Venu is devoted to motivating individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost capabilities. Having a history of visionary leadership and a commitment to high standards, Venu has effectively founded the Global Capability Center (GCC) in India and cultivated outstanding capabilities for a swiftly growing global organization in the healthcare payments industry.

Having more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare technology industry, Venugopal Reddy Kandimalla has occupied significant leadership positions, leading efforts to promote growth, encourage innovation, and develop top-performing teams. He has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and forward-thinking in important roles such as care management, patient access, claims management, and pharmacy solutions.

In his free time, Venu finds pleasure in painting, reading, and gardening. Moreover, he is deeply passionate about cycling and has participated in numerous events, including the Tour DaVita, a 200-mile charity event focused on promoting kidney care awareness.

Venu Kandimalla