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Processing paper checks – and balancing electronic payments from multiple payers – takes way too much time. It’s time to rethink your approach. What if you could simplify the process – reducing days-to-pay, improving cash flow and increasing efficiency? That’s the promise of Zelis Provider Payments.

Dive Deeper

Communicate patient responsibility faster and more accurately.

Dealing with ever-changing industry rules, staffing shortages, and patient expectations causes providers like you to use every tool and resource you have. And Data shows, you’re still paying too much to get paid.

With a simple switch to automate your claim payment process with Zelis, you will move from a cycle of never-ending backlog and costly errors to a sustainable one.

  • Accelerate your payments and reduce AR by up to 16 days on average.
  • Lean on automation to reconcile payments, bill customers, and tackle your growing backlog to recognize revenue.
  • Ditch costly manual processing riddled with errors that slow your time to get paid.
  • Shift your focus from administrative work to improving your patient experience and growing your practice.

Features and Benefits

Consolidate electronic claim payments and data in a single platform.

Use ACH+ to get paid by over 350+ payers and access all data in one secure portal.

Improve understanding of payment status with 835 integrations with your clearinghouse or directly into your practice management system.

Improve real-time access to payment status and reporting with U.S.-based support for payment and remittance questions

How It Works

Being a provider is hard enough. Getting paid shouldn’t have to be.

There are immediate benefits to moving from a vicious cycle of never-ending backlogs and costly errors to a singular platform. You’ll get paid and close your books faster, having more cash on hand while reducing AR by up to 16 days on average. Payment accuracy will also improve along with the overall payment experience, as you reduce staffing costs and shift resources from admin work to patient care. Most importantly, you’ll be able to execute on growth and strategic initiatives rather than digging your way out of the red.

Traditionally, handling payments manually required significant effort. The Zelis automated service has reduced this by 4x for our hospital business, and 6x for our physician business.

Enroll in Electronic Payments

Let’s scale and sustain your business.

Consolidate payments from over 350 commercial payers into one easy platform that connects with your health information system. Enrolling is fast and easy – and if you need help, we’re here for you.

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