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Develop, manage, and sell smarter and more adaptable networks through a 360-degree view of your provider network as compared to your markets. Build the foundation of a modern network strategy, spot gaps in network coverage by geography and specialty, see network trends and competitor movement, and communicate the strength of your network.

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Develop, manage, and sell smarter, more adaptable networks.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all, set-it-and-forget-it network anymore. Your provider network needs to adapt to both competitive and regulatory forces, and Zelis is here to help.

Our Network360® Analytics Suite enables you see both the big picture and the finer details. You’ll get a sense of how you compare to your competitors in terms of provider participation, access, and coverage. You’ll be able to spot gaps – and opportunities to fill them.

Zelis will help you turn the data in Network360® into action, shaping your network strategy and building a modern, flexible network that meets your members’ most important needs. Combine your in-house CRM and provider metrics with our own data around access, adequacy, and competitive performance to address gaps and prevent over contracting.

Features and Benefits

A turnkey approach to building and optimizing better networks.

Measure Access Adequacy

Measure access and minimum provider ratios for individual physicians and facilities, both in your own and competitors’ networks.

Understand Your Position

See how your network compares to competitors based on specialty, geography, and market segment to retain and win business. Create virtual networks and test them against key access and adequacy requirements and adjust before going to market.

Recruit Providers

Generate lists of providers based on network participation, specialty, geography, and market segment to maintain network competitiveness and compliance through recruitment.

Disruption Analysis with TrueDisruption

Measure your network’s disruption with our enhanced approach that adds competitive provider data to traditional analyses, to highlight where you win over the competition.

Custom Network Insights

Connect with consultants for custom network evaluation reports and dashboards covering service area, market segment, accuracy, historical trends and more.

Network Protection

Avoid the stress of tight deadlines, last-minute credentialing and contracting hiccups with backup, ready-to-go network options that ensure you’re covered until your network build is complete.

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