Network360® bring intelligence to action: Network Foundations & Network Performance.

Network360 is a suite of our Network Foundation and Performance tools to help you optimize and differentiate your network against the competition while maintaining network compliance.

Dive Deeper

Identify and leverage network insights with ease.

An intuitive analytics platform with clear data visualization tools is fueled by the most reliable and comprehensive provider network data. Backed by our decades of experience, Network360 gives you a holistic, tailored view of your network and an extensive view into your competitors’.

Whether you’re looking to build or optimize a competitive, high-performing network, grow or transform your business, or ensure you meet compliance requirements, we have a solution for you. And enterprise-level licenses ensure everyone on your team has access to the key insights they need, preventing a knowledge dam and letting information flow.

Network Foundations

Build and maintain high-performing, compliant networks through Network360’s Accessibility and Disruption Modules.

Accessibility Module

Meet internal and market-driven accessibility standards by providing reasonable access to enough in-network PCPs and specialty physicians without unreasonable travel or delay.

Take it further with competitor network data. Compare network access side-by-side with targeted competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses. Better demonstrate your competitive advantage and mitigate weaknesses with targeted recruitment lists to fill provider gaps.

Map showing member locations within the area served by participating hospitals.
Map showing member locations within the area served by participating hospitals.
Provider Access Gaps: See vailable providers who can fill access gaps.
See available providers who can fill access gaps.

Disruption Module

Show the impact of plan changes for a group of employees or members and know now how you stack up to the competition during the RFP process with seamlessly integrated competitive data within your disruption analysis.

Zelis’s Disruption Analysis allows you to:

  • Highlight top providers that will be added by shifting to your proposed network, offsetting disrupted claims or, if you are the incumbent, highlight top providers that will be lost by the shift to a competitor.
  • Have confidence in the data. Utilization files used for disruption analysis vary in terms of format, completeness, and availability of provider details. Zelis uses its decades of provider network data expertise to standardize utilization data to facilitate better matching to provider networks and give you confidence in the analysis.
  • You define the match criteria that aligns with your organization’s best practices and can run multiple disruption scenarios to balance match rates with match confidence.
  • Let analysis flow with unlimited enterprise licenses.

Network Performance

Optimize your network performance to sell and develop differentiated and competitive networks.

Competitive Benchmarking Module

Our proven Competitive Benchmarking module leverages provider and competitor data to give you a holistic, tailored view of your network. Armed with actionable competitive insights, you can create innovative network structures and ensure an optimal mix of providers for increased member satisfaction.

  1. Overlap – The total, overlap, and exclusive count of providers against your competitor
  2. Volatility – Monitor your competitor’s provider network activity over time verse your own
  3. Top Specialty Groups – Side-by-side comparison of your network and your competitor’s by specialty
  4. Network Strength – Measure of providers that are contracted with your and your competitor’s network

Features and Benefits

Actionable, holistic view of your network.

For you, with you.

Backed by decades of data and healthcare expertise, our suite of competitive network solutions is tailored and modularized with you in mind. Whatever your needs or timeline, we partner with you to make your goals a reality.

High-confidence data.

Fuel your analysis with cleaned and standardized, reliable competitor provider demographic data. Our multiple sources have been triangulated to give you broad and comprehensive data that you can feel confident in. We do the work so you can see the results.

Intelligence to action.

Identify and leverage network insights easily so you always stay ahead of the curve. Our intuitive analytics platform lets you see value quickly with clear data visualization tools. We ensure full usability with an enterprise-wide license that works with your existing workflows, so you get insights with ease.

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