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Market-Based Pricing

Customized to meet plan goals and provide security even when a discount is not contracted.

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Create a single-point solution for cost containment and compliance.

At Zelis, we take a different approach to market-based pricing. Rather than relying on one source – such as calculating 120 or 300% of Medicare allowable charges – we take a broader approach.

We use multiple sources to derive fair and defensible reimbursements that reflect the market you compete in, including commercial reimbursements, geographic specificity, procedure and provider details, and our propriety intelligence.

From there, we make specific adjustments based on your individual plan and preferences, resulting in a more member- and provider-friendly, sustainable savings model.

As the market shifts, so does our approach, so your pricing strategy will always be in line with the market. For example, Zelis is enhancing our market-based pricing with median in-network rates to address requirements of the No Surprises Act.

Our goal is not simply to drive you toward the lowest possible price, but to create a sustainable solution that works for all, with as little friction as possible.

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For Payers

Zelis Market-Based Pricing allows you to:

  • Achieve sustainable savings
  • Match pricing and savings to real-world market conditions
  • Drive optimal savings balanced with provider acceptance
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Zelis by the Numbers

Measurable negotiated savings:

95 %
savings retention
< 10 %
inquiry rate


Market-Based Pricing in action.

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