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Resources / Healthcare Financial Journey: Reducing Friction for Healthcare Consumers

The healthcare financial journey

Understanding the complete medical billing process

As evidenced by our exciting new research, a key way to reduce friction for consumers (and payers and providers alike) is by improving healthcare billing, specifically the process after a bill is received. Addressing inefficiencies here will reduce costs and better support consumers.

After surveying 800 health plan members, Zelis has identified the journey consumers go through when they receive a bill they believe to be incorrect and their pain points along the way.

The new study was conducted in partnership with Hanover Research, an independent research firm.

A few takeaways from our research:

  • 43% of consumers spend up to one month getting bills corrected, with only 16% of respondents solving the issue in less than one week 
  • 41% are significantly frustrated by trying to find the right person to address the billing error 
  • Motivation to correct the billing error varies with “saving money” and the “moral thing to do” being the top two reasons 

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