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Provider Network and Development Payment Harmonization Benchmark

Provider Network and Development

A Payment Harmonization Benchmark

Establishing and maintaining satisfaction with providers in the health plan network is perhaps a payer’s most critical operational aspect. Done right, it provides well-rounded access to health services for members, timely payments to providers, and supports clear communication and dispute resolution channels.

Even a simple member procedure spurs a flow of data between health plans, providers, and members. And, as with anything else, some aspects of that experience can cause disruption. 

Our latest report highlights survey findings from provider network and development executives to offers an outline for the next generation of payer-provider relationships.

Some of the key insights you’ll find in the report:

  1. The current state of provider and member satisfaction.
  2. A look back on the industry trends of 2022.
  3. The importance of electronic payments and remittances.
  4. An understanding of areas lag within current processes.
  5. How to enhance engagement via technology and automation.

This study was based on a quantitative survey conducted in Q1 2022, in which 214 healthcare payer executives participated. Seventy-five percent of participants worked at health plans, and the balance worked at TPAs. The survey questions identified the priorities of healthcare B2B executives regarding payments modernization and explored the actions they put in place to meet those priorities.

The findings presented in this paper are drawn from the responses of 60 B2B payments executives across the U.S. and supplemented with additional context and analysis from Aite-Novarica Group research. The data presented have a 10-point margin of error at the 90% level of confidence.

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