Simplifying healthcare payments can deliver numerous benefits to both providers and members—with big advantages for healthcare’s reputation

The pursuit of a flawless healthcare payments experience is no easy feat—especially considering the technological, regulatory and operational challenges that can often hinder progress. But payers have the upper hand when it comes to industry change: the expertise and authority that accompanies well-established organizations which can help both providers and members navigate an often-frustrating healthcare payments system.

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of providers stated that improving both payment and claims efficiency is “important or mission‑critical” to their overall success. Providers need more support. They want simpler ways of resolving claims and payment issues. After care, providers want to get paid quickly—in the method that they prefer–and they want their patients to understand their benefits and responsibilities, as benefits information can be overwhelming and the process of paying a bill post-care is often confusing. Modern, streamlined payments platforms can replace existing payments systems, simplifying the process of payments, claims and communications.

The more guidance that providers and members get about how to best handle payments, the quicker a digital transformation can occur. Health plans that take steps to provide multiple payment methods, clear communications and an overall updated healthcare financial experience stand to gain distinct headway on the path to provider satisfaction.

5 ways a simplified payments platform can improve provider satisfaction

1. Faster payments for providers

One of the most significant advantages when healthcare payers provide multiple digital payment options is that it can boost satisfaction among healthcare providers. When there is less confusion about claims or when and how payments are happening, providers win by getting paid for their services in a timely manner.

2. Reduced administrative burden for healthcare providers

Healthcare providers can also benefit from the reduced administrative burden that comes with having a healthcare payer provide billing support to patients. Despite an increase in electronic adoption among providers, inflation and a rise in labor demand has forced a15% increase in direct admin tasks among providers. The system is just overloaded. Providers can benefit from the expertise payers bring to the table regarding payment methods and digital adoption for claims payments and remittances.

3. Improved member satisfaction

Members who struggle to understand their responsibilities or who have billing issues can become frustrated and dissatisfied with their healthcare experience. A 2021 survey showed that 93% of patients said a poor billing experience could dissuade them from returning to a provider. However, when payers provide clear, timely communications and support, and digital options for payments and disbursements, members can feel more confidence in getting the care they need. This can lead to higher member satisfaction and loyalty for both the provider and health plan.

4. Increased communication between providers and payers

By offering clear communications with short turnaround time to both providers and members, payers can establish a more collaborative relationship with providers. Ultimately, a member’s experience is often based on their last point of contact—payment. Improving upon this experience can help positively affect the provider’s reputation and, in turn, the provider’s opinion of the health plan.

5. Better healthcare outcomes

Providers who are free to focus on providing quality care without worrying about the administrative side of claims, can improve the quality of their care and affect better patient outcomes. “Patients with better care experiences often have better health outcomes,” noted a report on patient experience.

With an optimized healthcare payment process, payers can deliver numerous benefits to both providers and members. These services not only enhance business operations but can boost satisfaction, promote effective communication between providers and payers, alleviate providers’ administrative burdens and ultimately drive positive transformations in healthcare payments.

Simplify the payments and communications process for providers

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1 “The Importance of Reducing Friction in Healthcare Providers’ Financial Journeys” (published by Forrester in association with Zelis)