<h4>Claims Editing</h4>

Claims Editing

Generating fast, accurate, industry-compliant claims analysis.

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<h4>Hospital Bill Review</h4>

Hospital Bill Review

Reduce improper payments through precise & flexible prepayment review of medical claims.

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<h4>Specialty Clinical Audits</h4>

Specialty Clinical Audits

Review of specialty Rx, complex spinal & biologic implants & air ambulance claims.

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<h4>Dialysis Savings & Support</h4>

Dialysis Savings & Support

Maximizing savings for high cost dialysis claims through a comprehensive program.

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<h4>Out-Of-Network Services</h4>

Out-Of-Network Services

A multi-layered, balanced approach dynamically delivering the highest level of claim savings.

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<h4>Reference Based Pricing</h4>

Reference Based Pricing

Delivers sustainable cost management that goes beyond cost shifting.

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